Not an Americauna I think.


10 Years
May 2, 2012
Next chicken I’m confused about. She was supposed to be an Americauna. She’s from a feed store that gets their chicks mostly from Mt Healthy, but some from Hoover’s.

It really seems like she is laying now (she’s the one I’d see in an empty nesting box 15-30 minutes before I’d find an egg.
However, it’s a light brown egg.

Here are pictures of her, though I think they come in lots of different colors as I’d had a white one and a grey one before - each laying green eggs.


Here she is from the side. I think her tail is too big for an Americauna.

she’s on the right. Ignore the fake blue rock photo bombing.

So if she is not an Americauna, what would you say she is?

She is about 20 weeks and was the first in my group to start laying a little over a week ago.
She's an EE. I don't believe either Hoovers nor Mt. Healthy have true Ameraucanas.

Also EEs are not guaranteed to lay colored eggs. Nor do they have a standard.
She’s an Easter Egger. Real Ameraucanas are sold with the breed name spelled right, and for more than 10 bucks each.
The spelling was me. :confused::th(There's no embarrassed face). The Mt. Healthy hatchery site I just looked at is listed as Americana, but in the description, it also says "Also known as Easter Egger".

So - my bad. I'd gotten two from them before and they laid green, so I wasn't expecting much different, though hoped for blue.

Oh well. Thanks for the answers.

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