Not an Australorp, maybe a clean legged marans? Pics-help please!


7 Years
Apr 3, 2012
I have a puller. It no pics from this phone . I will look uP pics if you guys have some suggestions or guesses

She is mostly black with copper leaking out on her chest. Some on her head but mostly chest. Very rangy looking like a road runner. Tail very high. Not friendly at all and fast as lightning. Gold or amber eyes. Very small comb.

I just saw a pic of a black sex link and she has a lot less copper and it looks different than that one..... The breeder I bought her from had 22 different breeds of birds and already gave me a dominique for a barred rock. I want to know what she is because I am taking her back and exchanging her if she isn't a marans because I WANTED an australorp, but I would be ok with a marans....

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The picture is very small... What is the age?

Looks like a young roo or an older pullet. It all depends on the age.

From the pictures.. I really can't make a guess. Not a marans - they have feathered legs.
Your mystery has that 50 miles of legs! Wow. Beautiful though. Looks like a Old English Game breed. I was thinking Ancona, but I looked at a Hatchery. Looks like a breed called Black Minorcas. IDK I am still new to the specific breeds of chickens.
Generally Black Copper Marans do - and this is the only colouring this girl would fit into.
Too skinny.. The comb almost seems purple, and does she have white earlobes?

no her earlobes are black. Her head is mostly black. Her feathers on her chest and neck are "flecked" with copper like a speckled sussex feather. I have other chickens the same age as her roughly, and they are filled out and plump-not her, she is like a flipping road runner-fast and skittish.
new bigger picture that allows you to see the copper-as you can see, its not very dominant.

The lady I bought her from had over 22 breeds in one location, it seemed like they were seperated pretty good but obviously if no one can figure this chicken out, then it is probably a cross breed.

the barred next to it is about the same age, within a few days. See how nice and plump it's getting. Not this one-it's so rangey! I saw some young supposedly bcm's online, and when they were young, reminded me of this one.

HELP! I don't want to return her if she is something good!

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