Not an Emergency ***Stunted growth post-trauma?

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    Apr 26, 2016
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    1.5 weeks ago two of our 7 week old pullets were attacked by our dog. Minimal visible injury but very shocky for a few days and the Buff clearly ended up fully in his mouth based on how wet she was (but only bruising, no tears of punctures). Both eating drinking normally after 4/5 days. Now, Both still tend to be a little quieter than the others but otherwise go out to muck about the yard happily and I was feeling quite confident that with this much time elapsed, they would fair well.

    I realized however after quickly retrieving them all from free ranging thanks to a pair of Hawks who just don't seem to get the hint that one of them (Buff Orpington) seemed rather stunted in her growth. The most obvious indication of this being we have 2 Buffs and their entire short little lives they have been IDENTICAL in every way. And now non-dog-attacked Buff is towering over the other and significantly heftier as well. Could a week of recovery set her back that much? I suppose it could just be a natural descrepency in size but the timing seems odd.

    In case anyone finds it pertinent, all five birds have remained together the entire time. While I know separation is recommended after injury, it stressed ALL of them immensely so we elected to keep them together. No one picks or bullies. In the long run, it was the best call.

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