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    I am new to chickens. I had 5 hens and only have 3 now. Last night a dog got into my coop. I thought the fence around it was secure, but I guess it wanted in. This was about 3am and by the time I got out there the dog already killed 2. A few others were nipped, but are okay. I cleaned there wounds and I know they are still in shock. But I have one of my chickens that appears to have a broken leg. I am not sure if thats exactly what it is. She can lift her leg and tuck it underneath her but she can't put weight down on itI just do not know what to do because I can't take her to the vet because of financial problems and I honestly do not know what vet would take her because I live in the city. I have her with me, but she is not eating... who can blame her right now because I am so sick about the whole situation... [​IMG] Is there any advice anyone can give me... please.

    I am looking at designs on how to make my fence around the chicken coop more secure. I don't want this to happen again, I have not had the chickens long but I was already attached to them. [​IMG]

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    You will need to try to figure out where the leg is broken. If it is not up in the hip, you can splint it using a popsicle stick and medical tape. If the break is high up around the hip, I do not think there is anything you can do. You may also need to give antibiotics which you can get at the feed store. They can also tell you how to inject it. It really just depends on her condition.
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    Its really hard to figure out, I was holding her and trying to see if it was up at the hip or leg. I couldnt tell. If it was broken by the hip I would think that she couldn't lift her leg. So I will hope that it is her leg and try splinting it. I will go see about getting antibiotics. I am familar with injections, but have never given one to a chicken. I will ask for help at the feed store. I hope this works.
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    I had an injured bird I kept inside for more than a month with a fractured pelvis- if her injuries don't lead to infection, you can help her out.

    You have to give her a VERY padded surface or she'll do damage to her keel by laying around (her breastbone.) I used a small dog bed, but a pillow in a box will work- something that will have sides to keep her upright.

    Cover the pillow with 1/2 an old towel- save the other half for when she poos and you have to change it.

    You can give her 1/4 an 81mg aspirin (only aspirin- other pain relievers will kill her) every 4-6 hours for pain. You can use antibiotic ointment or cream without any pain relievers ending in '-caine' on any surface wounds.

    Feed her as normally as possible as soon as you can, but you can feed her oatmeal, yogurt, baby parrot food, shredded cheese, hard-boiled or scrambled eggs, etc. to get her to eat. Make sure she gets liquid, even if you have to squirt it in her beak! You can add honey to give her some needed calories. Try to give her some electrolytes- they have powdered ones at the pet store in the bird aisle or at the feed store.

    If you can get her through the shock, you are more than halfway there- shock will kill a bird faster than anything, because they stop eating and drinking.

    Best of luck!!!
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    What kind of wire fencing are you using? Any photos available?

    So sorry about your birds. Chickens can heal from the most awful injuries. Give her time and a comfortable safe place to be, especially at night. She will be at the top of the predator's menu...since she is already injured.


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