Not emergency - Chick with heavy crust/swelling above eye.

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    Tagging as non emergency in case there are more critical posts than mine. I have a bantam frizzle we acquired from the feed store which has been (honestly) pretty sickly. Took longer to start eating, still looks mostly bald thanks to the frizzle, and today we came home to see that her eye was huge, and it was covered in crust. Touching the crust caused the chick pain, so I decided on another course of action. I warmed up water and gave the chick a slow, steady soaking (it took about fifteen minutes, possibly more - lost count at 15) and slowly the crust began to slough off. The eye underneath was actually present (I couldn't see it at first) and there came a point at which the lump sort of drained off, leaving it looking saggy where the skin had stretched but otherwise "normal", if there is such a thing for a sopping wet bantam frizzle. I dried her off and held her in my shirt for an hour while she stopped shivering and "fluffed" as much as she ever does.

    The chick is looking around with both eyes, and can definitely see out of both. So the questions I have are:
    1. Anything else I should do for the eye?
    2. How would you recommend treating this if it happens again?

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