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    hello. i bought a mix of 8 chicks. theyre all diffent breeds and all are the same age. however one lil black ive named Soot (i think its a silkie) is still roughly the same size as when i got her. she should be about 3-4 weeks and the other chicks are just towering over her and they are starting to pick on her bad. there is another white very fuzzy silkie that is growing more than Soot as well. do i need to intervene? maybe buy yound chicks that are her size and make a new flock on the side? or make her a pet? Breed?[​IMG]

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    Soot is not a silkie, but from what you describes I would separate soot and put the next smaller chicks with soot to keep it company. Make sure the temp is correct in that brooder, feed the little one good, maybe some vitiams, etc in its water. Only mix enough water for a couple days----some have a big waterer for a couple chicks and fill it----I use a smaller waterer only partly filled for a few chicks so I can wash/clean it every couple/three days.

    OH, I do not know what your bird is---maybe a bantam of some kind. Google silkie chick pictures and you will see.
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