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The thermostat on my LG goes from 86 - 108 on a regular basis. Nothing I do regulates temperature.

I went out today and bought materials to make my own styrofoam incubator. I got two smaller styrofoam coolers that I am hoping to cut off one side of both and correct them to make a super cooler. Will duct tape alone be reliable and insulating enough that I am not loosing heat?
dang, i was trying to avoid that.

This is a project that I am doing for a classroom so money is definitely an issue. I'll just have to table the project. Thanks
Don't give up yet. Is it new? There is a "cheat sheet" for the LG here on this forum. You shouldn't have any plugs in. Using those directions I have been able to keep mine perfect unless the house temp fluctuates too much, and then the temp in the bator is easy to fix according to the directions. I haven't hatched yet but they are well on their way and development looks great. My temp in the LG was a mess before I found the cheat sheet.

If it is something with the house heat/air then the home made won't change anything since the styro is the same thickness. You would need something with greater density or an air controlled room. And yes, the duct tape will insulate it well as long as you don't leave a gap between the two peices.
Thanks for the positive reply! I have read the cheat sheet and am following the directions well. I put in a computer fan and I have some definite growth going on in some of my eggs. I have been following the directions to a T and I am still getting some very large fluxuations in temperature. I am a definite worry wart when it comes to these situations.

I have a lot of kids following my progress and even some professors at my college, so I am really looking for a positive outcome and even to improve while still staying on the hobbyist level.
I just bought an LG and had the same issue. I found that the incubator worked well when I figured it out. The two main things I found in regulating temp is to keep the room temp constant and to make minute thermostat adjustments and then give the incubator time, like an hour or so, to respond to the adjustment. Otherwise you'll end up constantly adjusting and never (just heard a chick peep incubating in the LG....looks like it worked!) determining what you have it set at. Keep room temp constant and give time for thermostat to reach your adjustment and I think you'll be fine. It is, of course, possible that the thermostat is bad which you'll have to keep in the back of your mind.
I have 2 LGs. They work once you get the hang of them. It took a few bad hatches to get it right. Do a search for lg tips and tricks. That thread has a lot of good info on LGs. Most people don't follow the instructions that comes with the LG. The temp needs to be at 99.5 the humidity depends on how humid it is where you live. Do a search on dry hatch and see what you think. Hope this helps. Welcome to BYC.
My first set went into lockdown today 5/6 went in. and the second set will be on day 18 tomorrow so I will candle all of them to see how they are doing, last time I checked there were only 2 or 3 out of the 24 that looked a little iffy, and that was on day 11.

I had a hard time getting the humidity right during lockdown. Took a lot of trial and error. I feel pretty confident in the LG now.

We heat our house with a pellet stove so fluxations are inevitable, but they weren't extreme enough to affect the LG the way that it was. Since then, the temps have been great!

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