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    May 23, 2015
    I bought some Rhode Island Reds at about a year and half years old, they were laying about one egg to two eggs day from one of them. Now they have stopped laying any eggs. I feed them eggs layers food and table scraps. What I'm i doing wrong? My husband said it not consist food diet? I have five of them but only got two eggs day for awhile now nothing. HELP
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    It's normal for hens to stop laying after moving to a new environment. Once they adjust to their new home, they will start up again. It's also the time of year when chickens over a year old will molt. Most don't lay eggs while they are molting. Some hens will start laying as soon as they are done with molting, others won't lay again until spring is on the way.
    Layer pellets are for actively laying birds only. Switching to a grower, flock raiser, or all flock feed will help ensure that they are getting enough protein. You can supplement the ones that are laying with some crushed oyster shell. Table scraps and other 'treats' should not make up more than 10% of their daily diet.
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