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    Sep 12, 2008
    Hello! We are new to this whole chicken raising thing. We started with 3 peeps from the kindergarten hatching project which are now about 19 weeks old. We ended up having 2 roosters and one hen. About a month ago we bought two plymouth rocks at a poultry auction so the roosters wouldn't gang up on our single hen. The two new ones are a little over a year old. We are pretty sure we have done everything right as far as the coop design, the nest box etc. but we still aren't getting any eggs out of the two older ones. The do have free range outside of their pen from late afternoon till evening and we have done many searches for eggs being laid elsewhere. The ones comb and wattle are bright red and waxy as they say they are when they are laying but the other one is kind of pale and small. Even the younger ones comb and wattle are starting to become a brighter red and we are hoping maybe she'll start soon. We just didn't think the two older ones could go this long and not be laying any eggs. Any suggestions as to what to do to get them to lay? We have even put fake eggs in the nest to help as well. Any words of wisdom would be appreciated!
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    the stress of a move can cause a chicken to quit laying for a while compound that with the stress of the auction I would say to expect eggs soon, are you sure or as sure as a person can be with the age of the hens you bought some people use the auction to get rid of older birds or culls.
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    Sounds like you are doing everything right. Can you shut them in the run and coop for a whole day or more? We have to do this sometimes when we know they are laying out and we can't find the nest. it seems to get them laying at home and then you can let them out again and hoepfully they will be in the right habit. if you keep them in and still no eggs then they probably have not started yet and you will just need to be patient!
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    I agree with the previous posts. It seems as if you are doing everything right. Also, as 'jacyjones' said if you can close them in their run and coop for a couple of days or so, maybe they will get the idea.

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