Not Laying.. how long before I should be worried?

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    May 3, 2008
    Mesa, AZ
    I've got 4 hens who used to give me an egg each, every day. Until it got over 105 here in AZ. Then, NOTHING!

    The stats:
    Red Stars
    just turned 1 year old end of June
    haven't molted
    eating layer feed, allowed to free-range every few days, and some cold treats
    acting healthy, beautiful feathers
    one's comb is a little pale
    love the shade

    We added electrolytes to their water (per instructions) a couple weeks after they stopped laying and the next day we got 2 eggs, but now we only get 1 egg total every other day!?!

    Is it dangerous for them to go with out laying for so long? (It's been almost 2 months.) What else can I do to help them?

    Thank you!
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