Not Laying in Sunny Fair Oaks, California

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    Apr 17, 2009
    Fair Oaks, California
    I have two 2-year old Faverolle hens, one 1-year old-ish Americana hen and a pair of 6 mth-ish Copper Maran Pullets. The sun rises around 6 Am-ish now and sets around 5:15 PM. The days are in the mid 60s, the nights are mid 30s to mid 40, the cotton is high and the living is easy. So why aren't my hens laying?

    My American was laying 1 bonnie blue egg every other day (started a few weeks ago) but hasn't laid in several days now. One of my Faverolles does the 'at your service M'dame' squat for me, but still, no eggs. My hens have the run of about about 1/8 of an acre of backyard on long grass.

    Good hygene. Check! No health issues. Check! Large coop/run with plenty of room per hen. Check! No traumas, at least that I know of (I'm home all day). Check! Have hunted around the yard looking for that 'secret egg stash'. Check! Hens get Layena and loose oyster shell, and not too many wholesome snacks (so as to not put them off the good stuff). Check! So WTH?

    Anyone else not getting any eggs? Friends of mine, 20 minutes away are getting eggs from their pair of hens, so why not mine?

    It might just be they just aren't laying, but that's not stopping me from fretting like crazy.

    Anyone else not getting eggs and has no idea why? You know... misery loves company...

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