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    Aug 23, 2008
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    I have 11 golden comets that are proubally 30 weeks old and they layed when i first got them but for about 6 weeks now they havent layed but about an egg a day when i was getting 8. Whats up with them???
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    OK, before anyone shouts out "COOK THEM!!!!", let me give you some actual good advise! [​IMG]

    First of all, your hens are probably just molting(losing feathers and growing back new ones) they do this yearly. If that's not it, then maybe they aren't getting enough calcium. Or another reason could be that there is something new in their territory. Have you moved them lately? Have you added any new members to the flock? Has anything different happened at all? [​IMG] If none of these seem to be right, then it must be just because they are tired. I'm sure YOU would get sick of popping out an egg or two every single day!!! LOL [​IMG]

    Just wait it out. Let them rest, then they will probably be back to laying sooner or later. [​IMG]
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