Not really emergency...rooster's earlobe torn after getting in fight

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    Help! I need advice on what to do about my RIR rooster; he got in a fight with one of our other roosters (my younger sister put them together, thinking they wouldn't get into a fight! [​IMG]) Now, his earlobe is torn and bleeding a lot, and his comb is blooding too. [​IMG] He's acting fine, so this isn't really a big emergency, but how can I stop the bleeding and what else can I do to help? His Red Star hens aren't pecking at it at all...they never do anyway, which I don't get, because I've heard that they like to peck at bright red things. [​IMG] Whenever one of the chickens get a minor injury, like a small comb injury, they never peck at it.

    But anyway, I'm going to put some flour on it to help stop the bleeding. Is there anything else I can do for him?

    (LOL thanks...I can't believe I spelled "flour" as "flower" [​IMG] haha but thanks everyone! Marty is doing fine now. [​IMG] )
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    As long as you stop the bleeding and nothing pecks at him he will be fine! Terri O
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    You can get quick stop from Tractor Supply. After you stop the bleeding he should be fine. I have also read someone putting flour on the wounds to stop the bleeding, but I do not know how good it works.

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