Not selling my BO after all- hubby says

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    To all who know Buff Orpingtons,

    I have a flock of 5 Buff Orpingtons now. They are in with some Golden Sex Links, who are really aggressive towards my EE hens.

    It is getting worse. Now my EE hens are not allowed to eat at all. They have to sneak food. The BOs are also mean towards my EEs, but not to the extent of the GSLs.

    I am getting new BO chicks in about a month.

    Q: Should I sell my GSLs and my current BOs and start over with a new flock of friends for my EEs? Or is it just the nature of BOs to be mean to sweet EEs?

    My EEs cower in the coop with head down if housed with BOs or GSLs, then try to hide in the nest box. I have had to oust everyone from their coop but them.

    There is lots of room in the chicken yard:
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    BO's are the ones with the reputation to be low on the pecking order and prone to being bullied, and this has been my experience, though I haven't had a lot of either; had about 4 or 5 BO's at one point. The one I have left has been hanging around in a nest a lot, or else chasing roos to get mated (!) and she's the only one I have with raggedy looking feathers on her back, whether from the mating or being pecked or both. She's certainly not high in the pecking order and generally avoids the flock; I never see her getting pecked. I'd say isolate for a week then reintroduce, if you only had one or two BO's. My mixed flock has worked things out peacefully, and I read on here that they usually do, but still, the breeds tend to stay together. I suspect you're right that things could just get worse there, if you add more BO's; I'd think the old ones would teach the new ones their ways. Not much of an answer, but this gives you a bump.
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    Thank you for your answer. I think I will sell the BOs along with the GSLs then. I will be getting 30 or thereabouts new large fowl in about a month, including 10 new Orpingtons.

    I really want my EEs to be treated better. To not be allowed to eat at all is intolerable.

    Tomorrow's the auction! I will see if I feel up to taking them in tomorrow.

    Thanks again ddawn!
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    That was indeed my fear---aggression I think is contagious.
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    I have half BO and half EE. They were raised together from day old chicks and they get along great. They've never known any different, so that may be why. I do notice that 3 BOs that went to fair together seem to have their own little club, but other than that they mingle nicely with no pecking of anyone. I had a couple roosters, which were a pain in the arse, but since they were butchered, it's all peacefull in the coop.

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    Quote:Thank you for the answer! This is additional evidence that my GSLs are leading my BOs astray. Time to start over with some chicks for my EEs.
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    Weeeelllll, I still have my BOs. Hubby says he really likes the BOs, and as far as he's concerned, I can sell all the OTHER chickens. I did sell the GSLs.

    Just an update- b/c I said I was going to sell them before.

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