Not so smug about my roosters any more

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    I have a slew of roosters. The dominant roo, Carl, is a large EE and firmly in control of the flock. Plus, he's a GOOD roo. Everybody else respects him, and if any one of 'em gets jiggy, he puts each one in its place. Without much more than a slight flare of neck feathers and an advance.

    Until this weekend. Kellogg is an olive egger cockerel from BIG stock (Wynette's eggs, BCM and something else).

    He is already as large as Carl. And he challenged him this past Sunday afternoon.

    This is Carl, a month before Kellogg was even in the egg.

    No blood loss, and Kellogg did give up. But for a good five minutes, it was like Wildlife Kingdom in my back yard. Really prehistoric. Kellogg chose close quarters for the challenge, with no way out but through him, for Carl to escape.

    Carl did NOT "escape," he won the challenge. Kellogg gave up and turned tail, taking off as far away as he could get.

    There was leaping, flapping, head down like bulls readying for the charge, neck hackles flared like I have never before seen (except in dinosaur re-enactment programs!) and long stare-downs followed by sudden flurries of masculine display. They both leapt into the air and slashed with their feet at each other.

    No, I am not so smug about all my roosters which get along so well, not any more. I hate to give up Kellogg because I hatched him, he's gorgeous, and I could get some great chicks from him. But Carl is the Head Roo. It's not fair to him. I am not sure Kellogg is even finished maturing, he may still get some more height and bulk. He was hatched in early Sept, just barely six month old.

    So. I need to make some alternate arrangements, soon, before either one of these gorgeous Roos gets hurt, just doing what comes naturally.

    But it breaks my heart.
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  2. gritsar

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    Awww, I'm sorry Linda. [​IMG]

    I went through the same thing with Thor and my former alpha, Zeus. They got along well for the most part, but Zeus chased Thor a few times to the point that Thor would lay down and give up. I picked the better roo to keep, Thor.

    I'm hoping that Thor and Impy continue to get along. [​IMG]
  3. MyKidLuvsGreenEgz

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    CAN you separate them to give each their own harem?
  4. big medicine

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    Just goes to show you, if you stay with anything long enough, you can always learn something new, even if you don't want to.

    Now if you like the youngster, and think he would produce chicks more in the direction you would like your flock to go, there is no reason not to keep him as your breeder. Seniority or sentamentality can hold a breeding project from advancing.

    Chicken breeding, its not for pansies.
  5. gryeyes

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    Quote:They already range freely, and normally do not encounter each other. Kellogg does have his own harem, and Carl has plenty of his own: the whole flock. That is, he doesn't seem that interested in the group of girls that follow Kellogg. Kellogg picked this fight, when he found Carl in a corner he could not get out of without going through Kellogg.

    But the younger roo demurred to the older, after all. I just think Kellogg will try again...
  6. NoseyChickens

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    I have a coronation sussex roo(Papa Grande) in with my laying flock until his ladies are big enough to live with him. My main roo in the laying flock is this tiny little frizzle cochin named Tom. Tom chases Papa Grande down all the time. We found Papa Grade hiding in a bush cowering until Tom went about his business the other day. i guess he has no idea he is more than twice Toms size. But in the next little bit Papa Grande will have his own coop and run and two lovely Senioritas to live with.
  7. Ridgerunner

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    I obviously can't tell you what will happen in the future. They may or may not fight again when the young one matures some more. Probably will. If they do, one may get hurt or one may not. If they fight, either one may win. It's not purely determined by size but more by spirit. You don't know which one will be dominant in the end.

    You'll give them a good life while they are there. I'm very confident of that. Why is it more fair for Carl to remain dominant than for Kellogg to displace him? One has to be dominant and one has to be second-in-command. That's just the way it is. Sounds like second-in-command in your flock would be a pretty good life.

    If it is just the idea of them fighting that has you so upset, well, roosters will sometimes fight. You never know the outcome of that. If that is what is bothering you, yeah, you need to do something. But remember you are doing something because one might be hurt, not because one definitely will.

    It is a rough position. Good luck!
  8. HHandbasket

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    I think Kellogg is coming into his own and is challenging Carl. Keep a close eye on things, and if it continues, well.... Carl HAS been there longer, and it's always been his flock.

    I did check with my neighbor lady & she has no problem with us taking on a roo. If you want us to take Kellogg, we will be happy to. Or Rusty. Hehehe. (But Rusty seems cool with things, more so than Kellogg.) If you would like some of his offspring, I can give you some of Lola and Bertha's eggs after he's been here a while & you will probably get OEs from those. Lola lays a pretty aqua blue egg, and Bertha's eggs are pale green.

    If Kellogg is here, he will be the only roo, and he will have all 7 of these girls to himself (plus whomever else hatches next week hehehehe). Pretty good life for a handsome boy like that. If he wants to be king of the palace, I got a throne for him right here if it ends up that he and Carl can't work it out.
  9. gryeyes

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    Wow. Once again, ridge runner, you have been the voice of reason and experience.

    Of course it is MY problem, and not theirs. Carl and Kellogg are just doing what comes naturally, and I am worried about the future and a possible outcome. I usually do live in the present... But sentiment regarding affection for My First Roo and admiration (out and out covetous pride) for owning such a gloriously colored roo like Kellogg just swept away The Here And Now.

    Thank you.

    I treat injuries, so what would be the difference? "Oh, no, they hurted each other! I must prevent that!"
  10. HHandbasket

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    Besides, it could just be one of those things that Kellogg just *has* to do because he's coming of age & it'll run its course in a few days. But, like someone else pointed out, one has to be in charge & one has to be second in line. They'll work it out one way or another, and when/if they do, I'll come get Rusty. If they don't, I'll come get Kellogg. Either way, you're a good flock-tender for looking out for your guys the way you do.

    (You guys should see some of the gorgeous roos she has on her property... I'm soooooo envious.)

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