Not Sure...Girly Going Broody?

Discussion in 'Chicken Behaviors and Egglaying' started by hokankai, Feb 1, 2011.

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    Hello! All 8 of our girls are finally laying at almost 7 months old, but we have one in question that has me stumped lately. Molly, the BO who's also in my avatar, has decided that she enjoys sitting in the nest all day. She's always in there when we go and gather eggs, and we have to reach under her to grab them. She never bites or anything, but she's fluff her feathers and then do the egg song or just start "talking". Is she going broody? Apparently she was found in the nest box two nights in a row, like she's sleeping in there...but there's no poop anywhere in the box. Can't tell if she's stopped laying or not...but to me it sounds like a mild case of broodiness. Is that what's going on? Oh! And when she was moved from the nest last night onto the roost, she jumped down and tried to find her way back to the nest box...if that means anything.

    I guess I expected broody girls to be nippy and growly...but she's been nothing but sweet and mommy-like. Just checking to make sure that's what's going on! If she is having a trial run broody moment I think we're just gonna let her ride it out. There are plenty of nest boxes and she's more of a pet than anything, so no big deal!

    Thanks [​IMG]
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    Sounds like she trying to decide if she wants to go broody [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I have a BO that loves to go broody It is to cold in Mi. right now so I keep moving her off the nest when I find her trying to sit. She is very sweet all through hatching. She hatched 2 batches last summer. and was a very good momma. If you have a rooster and you want baby's let her sit. Takes 21 days, more or less which will still be very cold for baby chicks. I think I would try to break her if no hope for chicks as they don't give up very easily. and often give up eating.
  4. sounds like mine when they start being broody. mine don't usually get too ruffley or growly.
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    I have 2 D'uccles that are broody right now, they are not nasty either!!!! Sounds like you got one!!!

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