Not sure how to find ve to see if mygirl s egg bound & how to check for mites or worms.

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    Apr 21, 2016
    [​IMG]Please help new chicken owner my smart girly is almost months old. ThankYou !
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    What makes you think your pullet/hen might be eggbound? What are you seeing her do/act??

    Although you CAN see certain worms in their poop (such as roundworms, which are whitish, long and skinny), most people don't actually see worms - they just decide to worm their birds yearly, or 2x per year with Wazine in the water. Wazine only addresses roundworms though, I believe.

    Fowl mites tend to congregate around the vent area feathers. So keep an eye on the feather shafts in that area for dirty looking residue/build-up. When holding your girls, keep your hand back in that area - you'll see teeny tiny little specks moving on your hand/arm if they have a bad case of mites. Frontline spray works well at controlling mites.

    Type the topic you are looking for into the search box, and you will find many posts about mites, lice, worms, etc.

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