Not sure how to treat.


Mar 30, 2018
I have a young Bantam rooster who I brought into the house when he was pecked severely by the others. While recuperating he developed a very severe case of mites which he must have had all along; however, while indoors he could not dust bathe. I treated the mite infestations with a drop of ivermectin applied in the vent area. He seems to be free of the mites but has yellow crusty scabs over most of his skin. What is this and how do I treat, please? I will be grateful to learn from your experience.
Welcome to BYC. Are you sure the scabs are not from the mites, or mite droppings? If using ivermectin pour-on for cattle, it is supposed to be applied to the spinal area on the neck between the shoulders, where it is absorbed through the skin.
Permethrin is very good for mites and lice. It can be applied to the area of infestation once and again in 7 days for mites, and 10 days for lice to get the newly hatched larvae before they reproduce. Lice usually affect the area around the vent, or the other type affects the neck area and under the wings. More than 2 treatments may be required, and it helps to know for sure whether they are mites or lice by Googling some pictures or links.
Bedding should be removed and replaced after treatment. The surroundings coop and nests should also be sprayed with permethrin.

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