Not to sure!!!!!! hoping things are okay!


7 Years
Oct 28, 2012
Hi guys
I have three duck egg, on day 7-8 they had veins and lil black dot in the center.
So i was all excited and thinking it was going well.
It is now day 15 and i candled the 3 eggs, and i could not see red veins or nothing to think there was any veins.
There are still black dots and they sure have gotten bigger since day 8 infact 10,
There is 2 with to shadow dots when i candled them, and one with a dark dot with clear ring around it, Also to of the shells have a dark color to them as well but one does not! the one that does not have the dark patches has a clear spot on the shell.

They do not smell or anything as off yet:( i am really hoping they are ok !
Can anyone give me any advise? if i should keep trying or not to bother anymore:(.

Plus i put them in warm water and 2 sunk to the bottom and one floated to the top does that mean anything?.
After a certain point, the embryo may grow to the point that veins are difficult to see during candling. Keep going with the incubation, and good luck for a hatch.
:frow Welcome to the forum! :frow Glad you joined us! :frow

I agree. As long as they are not smelling, don't stop.

Duck eggs take longer than chicken eggs so I'm not familiar with the timing of what you should be seeing. But what you describe does not sound at all strange to me.

The float test is meant for eggs that are a bit late hatching to see if they are still viable. It is not at all unusual for eggs to be a couple of days early or late. At this stage, it means absolutely nothing with your eggs.
Hay guys thanks so much!, I am keeping my fingers crossed i am really hoping they are ok
Looking forward to lil feet to take care off.

I will up date to let you know how they are going if the live.
Many thanks for the welcomes!.
Well it is day 20! there still no bad smell i think i may have scene veins but not sure i still cannot make out any movement...., the air sack part is very noticable right now so hoping that is a good thing!

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