Note to Self: Wear SUNGLASSES next time...(ouch)


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Nov 7, 2008
SouthWestern PA
Two nasty labs were on my property yesterday... barking and bristling at me while I was on my own front porch (!!!!), then started to head down towards my little suburban coop.

No way, Uh-uh, ain't happenin'!!!

Grabbed DH's mace & ran back out yelling at them to GO HOME, backed them off away from coop but then a stand-off in the far corner of my yard; the one came towards me aggressively so I let 'em have it!! Very effective, worked like a charm, EXCEPT for the part where I continued to walk forward- through the MIST I guess.... OUCH OUCH OUCH!!!!!!! holyheck that stuff burns! Even a tiny-teeny bit of it!!!

DH is a cop & said that he thinks he would rather be shot than maced

Anyway, the chookies are okay, and so am I (after running my face/eyes under the bathtub faucet), and I am hopeful that the dogs won't be back, and that maybe the owners will think twice about letting them run free if it means they come home & fill the house with pepper spray...


In any case, if I ever use Mace again I will wear ---->


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Aug 6, 2009
HA HA!!! you sure showed those mean doggies who was the Alpha !! they didn't SEE that comin'....they won't be EYE BALLIN" your coop any more...i'm sure you opened thier eyes!!! lol..sorry, i couldn't help it.

And yes, the sunglasses next time. i wouldn't have even thought of it in that moment of adrenahline (spel?) either.
someone sent me an e-mail once about a lady that used "wasp spray" as mace at her work. She was a receptionist and i guess handled money at her front desk. Someone came in to rob her and she pulled out the wasp spray and the guy ran out screaming! it is said to be more concentrated and sprays farther in a straight stream (and is more innocent looking than mace) i don't know how much mace is (for you probably free) but it's worth a try, and maybe you won't have to wear sunglasses.


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May 9, 2008
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I was talking to my post man the other day about being chased by dogs. (unfortunately one was mine - the construction guys let her out) He told me sometimes he just spays mace on the bottom of his shoes and they magically quit following him.

He also told me that after years of being chased and bit by dogs, his gut tells him that mine is just a barker. I told him that's not a chance I want to take.
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Nov 7, 2008
SouthWestern PA

all right, I EARNED that one....

Yeah, the first thing I thought was "Oh CRAP! what if they decide to attack me NOW???? I can barely SEE...!!!
!!" Luckily they had already turned tail and RUN....

I like the idea of wasp spray, tho... it really is more controlled & goes farther. Plus we aren't talking about feral/vicious dogs here, just nasty, spoiled, household pets with irresponsible owners...


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Jun 26, 2008
Columbiaville, MI
craptacular!!!! well, not the in the eye part, but oh my gosh, that is smart! maybe keep a pair of goggles with the can from now on.

i'm going to buy a can and hang safety goggles with it. (i have Harley Davison safety goggles that is use for doing chores after getting whomped in the eye by a chicken beak.)

great idea!!!


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Jun 23, 2009
Wasp spray probably causes permanant damage. Using it on a dog in a premeditated manner might even be considered animal abuse. It may sound odd, but in many jurisdictions, if you were to shoot and kill a dog that was threatening you or your livestock, you would be within your rights, but if you sprayed wasp spray on a dog and blinded it, you might be facing a felony charge (unless you could argue that the wasp spray was all that was within reach and you were directly attacked).

If you need to get a mace solution with greater range, there are products out there.

Kimber (the firearms manufacturer) makes a non-leathal chemical weapon with range. (The downside with the "mace gun" approach is that you can't spray, and it's therefore easier to miss.)

Another product: and non-lethal&cm_ite=netcon

I have not used either of these. I have a friend who bought the Kimber, but has never had to use it.
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