nothing like a good rooster fight....

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    for a workout.......not [​IMG]

    Well, our roo has finally done it.
    He just kept coming at me! I thumped him a few times but it didn't deter him. I only went out to give them scratch. He just stood there watching me, until I went to leave and as soon as I turned he charged. I finally distracted him with my foot and snatched him by his neck, hung him upside down, then stuck him under a box while I went to check for eggs (since he was out of the way). I let him out and he walked away, so I thought, until I went to go to the house and he started again. I just had to grab him again (he's catching on to me and I am having a harder time with this) and stuff him under the box. I was breaking a sweat! I told my daughter he has to go [​IMG] . I went to touch one of his hens and she ran and hid(never did this before). How long will it take for them to adjust to not having him. There are 3 other roos, only one that hangs with him, the others are too afraid. I assume his next in charge will take over? Will the hens be affected? This mean roo hatched with them and always took care of them, but he is just too dangerous now [​IMG]
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    That's too bad. Have you checked out rooster-red's (I think that's who it is) page for rooster control?
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    Nov 12, 2008
    Boil the mean one and see which one of the other roos takes his slot as boss roo. Maybe the next in line won't be as aggresive. A mean rooster (or hen) makes a GOOD pot of dumplings!
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    I was worried about this too, but last summer I had 2 roos (by accident) so I gave one away. The adjustment took precisely 7.3 seconds, or as long as it took for me to call "chikchikchik" with a handful of bread crumbs - nothing was affected whatsoever. Ask yourself this question... if you keep any of the eggs for hatching, is this aggression something you want to perpetuate?
    Good Luck!

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