Noticed worms post worming chickens

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    I have noticed worms in chook poo post worming today 3 days after worming. Looks like round worm. Noticed it in only 1 bird out of flock who has diarrea . Rest of flock fine. What is the best method to remove worms? Is it possible to eradicate? Can my dog contract the same worm that affects poultry?

    Read in book that it may be best not to worm chooks as it can develop resistance and birds develop immunity naturally overtime. Is this correct?

    Confused from reading too many articles. Can some please advise best approach/practice to deal with this. Any help/advice much appreciated.[​IMG]
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    If a bird with a heavy load of worms is not wormed, they can (will) die.
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    What was the first wormer you used. I always follow 10 days later with a 2nd de-wormer then switch wormers each year so that the worms don't get immune to the drugs. I would also use a mix of dry cat food and yogurt to give the chickens a boost to help with replacing good bacteria in their gut and a protein boost. Yes something like round worm your dog can pick up. I know that if I see worms in my chickens poop they have a heavy infestation and that can kill them. Good luck if you need anything feel free to PM me.
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    You have to always dbl dose when worming. You wormed once then you have to wait a week then worm again to kill the new ones that were in the egg stage at the first worming, the wormer doesn't kill worm eggs. Also be sure your wormer is correct and dosage is correct. If properly administered worming is essential for their health.
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    Hi Schellie69,

    I have used Piperazine. I live in Australia not sure if you have same product in US??
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    Quote:I would wait 10 days and then follow with a 2nd de-wormer a different kind not sure what you have there I used something called safe guard paste it is for horses. I used a pea size amount for each chicken. I would look at your farm store, You might have to use something off label. I am not sure what brands are carried where you are. Good luck.
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    Thanks for advice.

    If one chicken has worms would you say the rest of flock have it???
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    I would think so. Sorry I did not post sooner have been really busy had a friend shoot himself in the hand I am the only person taking care of him. His old neighbor has came to help me now so things are a little easier.

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