Noticing a cockerel within 5 the first 2 months of it life

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    Thought I would give some tips out there.I have raised several roosters and read many things on them,I have many experience with those rooster accidents,but I usually know who's a boy,and who's a girl within the first two months.

    Tidbiting-Roosters do this peeping sound when they have found Morsel ,treats etc in the ground and will call their flock over to get it.Well,some cockerels will begin tidbiting at 2 weeks old.If you have a chick doing this 2 out of 3 chances it's a rooster.I have never heard girl chicks do that.

    Lots of hard fighting-most generally chicks will fight to determine order.Usually cockerels will have pullets put in their places within the first month or so (some pullets are very stubborn,and do not back down so easy.)Cockerels/roosters also are hard fighters.Like most adult roosters,and older cockerels (4,5,6 months),young cockerels will run up and flare their feathers and lower their necks at the ground (Pullets will not lower their necks at the ground.)

    Aggressive and not wanting to be hold-The chicks that I suspect are roosters,despite the fact of being held,although this is NOT on of the most accurate ways to tell gender.But,most cockerels can be very stand offish,especially those who have not adapted to their environment (You or hands).

    Brave-Roosters (most) are very brave,and alert. Cockerels are very brave.My cockerels would fight with hens (But realized that they should wait another 4 months and then try things again.)For instant,you have worms out and everyone scatters.Cockerels will run up and grab it (this to is not a way to be positive just a most generally type thing.)

    Mounting-By two months old,my cockerels were mounting any hen or pullets that were able to be jumped on.They couldn't yet fertilize,but would defiantly give it a go several times.

    Combs and wattles-Cockerels almost always begin growing combs and occasionally wattles before pullets. Usually they are some sort of red colored wattles and combs,while pullets have just a few peeks,and are pale.
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