November Nor'Easter !!

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    We are having heavy rains, major flooding and winds in excess of 50mph here on the Outer Banks of NC. Schools are closed, roads are closed, my yard is flooded, my neighbor's yard is now a pond. Winds and the ocean are pushing waves over the dunes and onto the roads. My chickens are on the only high ground in my yard, but I don't know how much longer their run will be without standing water in it. Thankfully they can get up into their coop. I will have to move Lucky Chicken into the house later today.

    The local weather guy just said that we have had more than 8 inches of rain since this started yesterday morning and it will only get worse this evening at the next high tide. Water is standing on some streets more than 2 feet deep and the weather guy is expecting standing water to be 10-12 inches deeper tonight than it is right now. The prediction is that tonight's high tide will be 7 feet above normal low tide. This is only 4 or 5 inches below what we had with hurricane Isabel. In fact the news people keep comparing this to hurricane Isabel.
    The news is showing cars stranded in water up to the side windows. OMG, they just showed a tractor trailer with water up to the bottom of the door!

    Just north of here in Virginia the DOT has closed bridges, tunnels, and lots of roads.

    The Weather Channel has even sent that bald guy here to report live from the beach.
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    I'm going to go get pictures of my yard now so that I can compare them later today. Will post them shortly.

    Here they are...
    This is the view from my back door and a picture of DD, Kelsey showing the depth of the water by our shed
    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    This is the worst of the standing water right now.

    This is how Lucky Chicken is fairing.

    and this is how the girls are doing.
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    It's a mess here as well, we are just outside of Washington, NC. The ducks and geese are loving life! none of the other birds are happy at all. There was a couple of spots where the water was starting to come over the road this morning on my way into work. Should be a fun drive home this afternoon if it keeps raining [​IMG] . According to the weather guesser's I guess tonight it's supposed to start breaking up some.

    Steve in NC
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    Apr 8, 2009
    [​IMG] For once, I'm actually happy I live in a desert.
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    Yes. This is a Nor'easter caused by Ida. Who would have thought that a hurricane/TS in the gulf would, or could, cause such a weather nightmare so far away from where it came ashore.

    The offshore winds are pushing water up into the sounds and preventing the tides from going out. Adding that water to the 8 inches of rain we got since yesterday things here are soaked. We are south of where the high and low pressure systems are colliding so we don't have much wind right now. The weather guy describes this as a tropical storm that has parked itself over us for 2 days.
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    apparently its a mess down along the delaware seashore and down into ocean city maryland too. Rt. 1 near the Indian River inlet was breached and got a good load of sand on the highway. They say it might be a couple days before its open. Lots of water on Rt. 1 and I imagine throughout dewey, rehoboth, and ocean city. The inlet parking lot at ocean city is covered in sand and water. Here's a link to a video of some awesome waves erupting on the shoreline.

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