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Aug 8, 2020
Pandemic is bringing out the self-reliance in me--not to mention that I go back to teaching full-time on Monday (today is Friday). I always do one-last-hurray-mega-project because Summer Break is ending. (Okay, maybe more than one.) And my husband is out-of-town for a week, so I decided we needed some chickens because who wants to go to the store in a pandemic. Plus, it's a seems like a good distraction to the stress. I have a ton of fruit trees and a bunch of bugs that I am hoping some chickens will enjoy cleaning up. I also love to re-purpose items and am building the coop with a bunch of items that need to be made useful again.

Callender Girl

Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
Congratulations on joining the world of chicken owners and the BYC community! I admire your desire to be more self reliant and to repurpose materials. I have been trying to rebuild someone's old playhouse on my property and convert it into a garden shed using salvaged stuff.

I don't know whether apricots are dangerous. Sometimes, it's not the fruit itself, it's the pit or seeds. I carefully core any apples I feed to my critters and poultry for that reason.

Good luck with your flock and your coop build! Welcome!!

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