Now 2 dead chickens

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  1. sissytoo

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    Feb 4, 2019
    I had a sick chicken that I had posted on. Someone suggested Marek's disease. I finally had my son to put that hen down as she was not getting any better (had her here in the house in a plastic tub). I was out letting them all free range yesterday evening and giving them bread, and notices some foamy poo on the rear of a silver laced wyandotte. She was acting a little off, but was eating. It has been pouring, and has let up so I went out to let them out and put some food in their feeder, and the Wyandotte was laying out there dead.....she has not been dead long, was still warm underneath her. I am totally freaking out. From what I was reading, they can get a different strain of Marek's even if vaccinated. At this point, I don't know what to do. These vets here no nothing of chickens. I got in touch with the agriculture person and she won't come out if not respiratory.
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  2. So sorry for your loss, hopefully someone can help you out- bear hugs
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    Can you refrigerate (not freeze) the wyandotte’s body, and send or take it tomorrow to your state poultry lab for a necropsy? Here is some contact info on state vets:

    The vaccine does not always protect them from Mareks, but I would get the necropsy to find out why she died to ease your mind.
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    Feb 4, 2019
    I have to work Thursday again this week, same as last week, and cannot meet the lady in time to meet the van that picks up. It's nearly an hour away from me to meet her, and I would not get off in time to go home and get the bird then meet her. The hen was fine, or appeared to be. Even my friend was over a couple days ago and going on about her. And she did not appear to be wasting. From what I could see, her skin looked ok. She is outside, in a bag, is quite chilly this evening, and before I leave in the morning, I will call the local office and see if perhaps anyone from here is going down Thursday, and maybe I can get her over here tomorrow and they take her.
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    I am so sorry for your losses! :hugs
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    So sorry
    Foamy looking poo is worms always at the last stage

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