Now 4 weeks old new pics-lets see what I have( New Pics)


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These were replacement chicks for some I lost with my first order that they put in with my broilers. The box said 3 black pullets. I am pretty sure I have a black austrolorp, maybe even 2. Just tell me your thoughts on these chicks.


This next chick is one I really don't know on. Long neck, long legs. Legs are black, bottoms of feet are yellow.

This next image shows that the chick with the long neck doesn't have any comb develpment.

[/img] These are the other 2. I think the black austolorp and maybe 2 of them or a black sex link.
Oh and one other thing to note is that the one with the long neck and legs was kinda a small one when we got it at a day old.
I would love to see these answers...I have a supposed barred rock that looks kind of like them.
What color is the bottoms of their feet? Australorps have white on the bottoms of their feet, jersey giants have yellow on the bottoms of their feet, and they could even be black sex link (if they are, they are all 3 pullets) and I believe have any color on the bottom of their feet.

So you won't know for sure until they feather in more, but they're definitely not BR's.
I will have to check the bottoms of the feet. The with the white around the eyes is also getting white barring on the sides.
Ok just checked the feet. The long necked one with the short tail feathers has grey on the bottom of feet. The one with white around eyes and white barring on sides has yellow bottoms to her feet and the other one with white under her chins has yellow bottoms. I do know that the hatchery I got them from uses production red and black sex for their black sex links if that helps any. I just know the one with the long neck looks like a different breed and the one with white around the eyes and white barring definately looks like a different breed.
The hatchery would have to use a barred hen to make sex links. Crossing a production red to a black sex link will not give you sexlinks. Production red over barred female will though.

I'd wait until they feather in more. If they are black sex links, they will get some brown leakage, especially in the chest area. The 2 with yellow feet (if they feather in without any brown leakage) could be jersey giants. The 1 with white (gray) feet (if feathers in without any brown leakage) could be an Australorp.
in your first pic, the two black chicks look like our jersey giant teenagers. They look a lot like Australorps, but Giants will have yellow on the bottom of their feet. Our giants also had scattered white throats as babies, then blackened out fully at adolescence
Really Jersy Giants... the hatchery these came from don't even list jersy giants as one of their breeds.
The one with the white grey feet is the one I thought might be something different because it is so different looking. Long legs and neck, shorter wing feathers. I was about convinced that the one with the white around the eyes and white barring on the sides was the austrolorp and that one has the yellow bottoms on her feet.
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