Now I don't need to crimp my hose!

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Mar 12, 2008
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I may be the last person in this community to have figured this out, but just in case I'm not, I'm going to share this tidbit. I have a hose hooked up to the faucet out by my coops & duck pools, and keep a trigger spray nozzle on the end. It's handy for pressure-washing things that are gunky, and for preventing the water from continually running when it's not needed. I have found these nozzles work the best, are economical, and don't break or wear out like so many others

I don't have a pond for my ducks & geese, but keep a couple of plastic kiddy pools filled for them. They need frequent emptying, cleaning, & refilling. I'd use the nozzle to get a pressured stream of water for rinsing out the pools, but want to take it off to fill the pool with a more gentle stream from the end of the hose. Since the faucet is located at the far end of the paddock, I was crimping the end of the hose to stop the water, unscrewing the nozzle to remove it, then putting the hose end in the pool to fill it.

Many of our dads used to yell at us for crimping the hose, saying it would cause it to crack or break, I was doing it to save myself many steps. But recently I bought a new hose, and finally thought to add one of these to the end!

It goes on the end of the hose, and the nozzle screws to that. Now I can simply shift the shut-off lever to stop the water, unscrew the nozzle, and then reopen that valve to fill up the pool. I hope this will help keep my new hose in good shape for a much longer time!

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