Now I Have seen everything..... Chicken Panties???


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Jun 4, 2008
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Ok, I saw this on ebay and I laughed. I appoligize to all of you who think this is a great idea. A chicken in the house? Hmmmm...

Since I could not resist to show everyone, I thought I would also include the contact information for those people who like this idea.

Here it goes-------

Auction information:
Pet house chickens are growing in popularity. Thankfully people are realizing what wonderful pets chickens are. Due to this there is a growing need for a product to catch the poos before they hit the carpet! Panties are the solution. They work great so no more cleaning up after your little friend. The panty is a pouch that hangs under the tail. Flaps pin around the tail. Elastic fits between the legs and over the wings and another flap goes around the tail piece and pins to hold the panty on. Pins included with each panty. Just tell me what breed and size your friend is and I can make a pretty panty to fit him or her. I have a lot of pretty fabric so you can have a wide selection of designs.

If your pet's waste is not solid don't worry. Put tissue in the bottom of the pouch to absorb the moisture. The panty is adjustable for a snug fit. Washable and can be used over and over.

Now you can hold your pet without worry. Chickens adjust to wearing them quickly and act like it is the normal thing to do. It is a good idea to have 2 so they will have a change when one is in the laundry.

These panties are great. Give them a try! I accept postal money orders only as payment

e-Mail information:

Yes, a hen can lay an egg in her panties. LOL.
The pouch is big enough that it just falls in.
But that makes it heavy to carry around so you have to take the egg out soon.

My email address is: [email protected].

Just write "chicken panty" in the subject line so I will know what it is about. And not junk mail.

I only charge $5. for the panty and $1.50 postage. Thanks for your interest!
For $1. extra I can sew in a plastic liner so no leaks. I take cash or money orders.

you would definately know who laid what egg.
Or, who was sick with runny pooh.

Nope, not convinced yet, still laughing.

lol They are cute...well not the silkie
But I think she could downsize the pouch a little. Surely they don't crap that much in one day. You should be changing that thing fairly often. And I've always hated the idea of the little hen getting in her little special place and laying her egg in her diaper / panty and then running around the house announcing to the world she laid her egg in a diaper / panty full of her own poop.
thank god my parrot is pottytrained!

How did you potty train your parrot? My conure crpas were ever she feels like it. Sometimes if she is feeling extremely benevolent then she will hold it till you put her in her cage. Usually not though. I'm thinking about making a "Ca-Ca Cape". Of course that won't save the floor or furniture.​
That's crazy... I made my own when I had Oscar in the house for a respiratory infection.

It was a real convenience since I don't have a cage big enough to hold a full grown chicken comfortably.
It's a copy of the chicken diaper & I think this one would be very uncomfortable especially in hot weather as it goes up the front of the bird too. Also it looks like the chicken would have trouble accessing it's oil gland with this design. There are better designs around though I commend the designer for having the initiative to do it at all.
I really wanted to laugh at this but the wheels started turning...How much of a mess could a chicken make in the house really as compaired to say, my kids. Maybe I could find out who layed the water balloon of an egg? So functional.

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