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    You guys are making me worry. I've been reading that I should have a 1st aid kit. I didn't even know chickens have problems...I guess they just kind of raised themselves except for food and water of course. How do I know if an egg is stuck? Should the chickens be given shots? If so what kind, when, where do I buy them, and where do I inject them at? I'm a real rookie here, can your tell?
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    First of all [​IMG] and take a DEEP BREATH and Let it all out.....

    Most of the stuff you may already have around the house....
    You just don't go around giving chickens shots, meds and treatment, but like children....they can get hurt (bumps, cuts, illness, ect.)

    I always go out and check my chickens all over once or twice a week...check to see that they have not lost weight, check though their feathers to make sure they are not infected with lice, mites of fleas, look at their feet to make sure no black scabs, cuts, and i will also watch them to look at their poop an make sure nothing is going on there.

    If you spend time watching your flock and their behaviors, you will be able to better pick out if anyone is getting sick.....
    As long as none are hurt or ill, then you have nothing that you really need to do or worry about.

    The main signs that something could be wrong is:
    -One bird issolating themselves from the group
    -walking funny, limping
    -coughing or sneezing a lot
    -discharge or drainage from eyes, nose, mouth ( also thick sticky or stinky drainage on their back and wing feathers can be a sign of respiratory illness)
    -lack of eating, drinking, or weight loss
    -blood in their poop (besides the normal and here is a link : )
    -also check their vent (or bottom) for protruding, or injuries
    -basically if you watch your flock, you will know when something is if there is something wrong, we are always here to help you [​IMG]

    And finally to save me typing, here is a link that talks about simple tings you can have in a first aid kit for your chickens:

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