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Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Reinbeau, Mar 31, 2008.

  1. Reinbeau

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    Today hubby is breaking ground for the new coop, and suddenly, after waiting for so many years, I'm nervous about the whole thing. I've wanted chickens for years, but now, am I getting myself into something I'll regret? Can I take good care of them? Worrying about making a predator proof run and coop is making me nuts. The area I want to put them in drops off a bit, it's not level, it's going to be hard to set posts for fencing, but it's the only spot I've got - I guess it's just last minute angst. Help me with some encouragement!
  2. justusnak

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    Feb 28, 2007
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    Its ok...take a deep breath! Everything will be just fine. Just think of the fresh eggs.....the time you get to spend with them is so calming.
    Will you be getting chicks first?
    Im sure you and your DH will make great " chicken parents"
    Oh, you may lose one here and there....but we all do! Dont blame yourself if it happens. Consider it a lesson on what not to do next time. You will soon fall totally in love with them...and want more, and more! LOL
    What breeds are you looking to get? How many? Just remember 4 sq ft per chicken inside coop, and 10 sq ft out in the run.
    You will be just fine....we are all here for ya...when you have questions, or fears.
  3. Rte.66_chicks

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    Feb 22, 2008
    Kingman, AZ
    You will most likely be a great chicken mom. It sounds like you are worried about the right things, and have come to the right place for encouragment and advice. Go for it! They are so much fun, and the eggs are SOOOOO good!
  4. meriruka

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    Oct 18, 2007
    Yor're going about it the right way! First the coop, then the chickens. I'm sure you'll be a great chicken mom.
    I just bought some chicks and then scrambled around trying to figure out how to keep them alive. I'm still amazed every morning that they all made it this far despite my efforts.

    Don't forget to post pictures!
  5. Dixiedoodle

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    Apr 14, 2007
    I am so glad you posted this because I felt the same way when we went to purchase all the materials! (Sat,) ! I started second guessing my NEED for chickens.. It was a lot of money, What color should I paint it, was it going to predator proof, was it big enough, was the design right, enough ventilation, enough light, would they be happy, would I get enough eggs/too many, were the breeds I wanted correct!! ETC<ETC<ETC !!! So, I took a deep breath and thought I have wanted this for so many yrs and now it's coming true.....I will make it work!!

    We didn't get to work on it because the rain set in and has been raining and cold ever since!! Enjoy and remember to take pictures.. Dixie
  6. SpottedCrow

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    At the very least you did your homework and worry BEFORE you got your birds...I just jumped in with both feet and hoped for the best...

    It'll be fine Ann.

    Make sure you don't use chicken wire and bury the wire in an L shape so things can't get in and enjoy your babies.
  7. cluckychick

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    Mar 29, 2008
    South of KCMO
    OH SO glad to hear I'm not he only one [​IMG] I've wanted chickens for a long time but had a dog that would not have left them alone even in a fool proof pen. She recently passed away after 12 years and I was debating on another puppy or chickens and DH said no dog so I said ok, then chickens it is.

    I go to the feed store to LOOK at them and come home with 17 of them, LOL. Now the process of giving them a forever home has begun. We spent Saturday and Sunday at the building store...looking and looking at building supplies. I'm thinking OMG what have I done. The money. We came home he built me a brooder box out of materials we found in the barn and it's a great brooder box!! Now I just need to get a coop and fencing for a run. Watching Craigslist like a hawk for supplies, trying to go a cheap as I possibly can.

    I love this website and forum!! It has been sooo resourceful for info and I love the pics!!

    Good Luck with your chickens. I'm positive you will be an awesome chicky mom!
  8. MissPrissy

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    May 7, 2007
    Forks, Virginia
    I am the exact same way about every single new venture I head into. I question, requestion, get nervous sometimes almost nervous sick. It always works out fine.

    You are going to do fine and have beautiful chickens!
  9. Cheep Mama

    Cheep Mama Songster

    Mar 14, 2008
    It seems very stressful right now, but once you see those beautiful chicks it will all be worth it!!!!
  10. ragein

    ragein Hatching

    Mar 31, 2008
    Hello, can someone help me with my chickens?
    I don't even know what kind they are. I have
    not found a picture of what they look like. They
    have a white stomach and brown and white mixed
    feathers. I don't know if all 3 are females or not.
    1 is laying eggs right now. Does there have to be
    a rooster for egg production, or the complete opposite?

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