now is the time to freeze eggs for the long dark days of winter!

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    Beginning in November or even late October, the molt comes on, and eggs go off. I generally get a couple a week, enough for some fresh eating, but not enough for our needs.

    Last year I had very good success with freezing eggs for use as scrambled or to bake with.

    Frozen eggs for Baking:
    12 eggs stired until a light yellow but avoid whipping hard - puts too much air in them, and they don't keep as well
    2 tblespoons of sugar stir until dissolved

    Pour into 12 muffin cups spreading it evenly among them, they won't be completely full

    Freeze 24 hours - remove and bag, and freeze until needed. I like this method as if the recipe calls for two eggs, I just grab two "muffins" out of the bag. I place them in a bowl, and they are fairly closed to thawed in 30 minutes.

    Frozen Eggs for Scrambled or Burritos:
    12 eggs + 1 1/2 tsp of salt
    Again stir slowly until well mixed, with the salt, but do not whip.
    One can divide this up as you use it in quart bags or smaller. I have a lot of family come home so I generally do a couple big bags with a dozen in it.

    Freeze these flat - and they will thaw faster. I put them in the fridge overnight, and they were ready to go in the morning.

    Mrs K
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  2. Wyorp Rock

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    Thank you for the post Mrs. K!
    Very useful information.
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    Oct 10, 2015
    Great information, food for thought. Unfortunately my chicks probably won't be laying before October. I will definitely remember this though for next year. Thank you.
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    Thanks Mrs. K I need 15 dozen + eggs for scrambled eggs for a Girl Scout outing. I have 9 dozen I put in the freezer last night, so I am more than half way there!

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