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    May 29, 2011
    Several weeks ago, we got a nice lot of mixed breed layer chicks. Past flock was all but wiped out by predators. Thats a different story.
    The only ones left over from the previous flock are a California White Roo, and a Barred Rock Hen. She would continue to lay eggs in the coop and I tried saving them and putting them all in one spot, hoping that she would sit on them. Nope, nada, ain't happenin. She has since abandoned the coop and was laying eggs where she thought they would look good. Under the bbq grill. On my tractor, inside a junk car I have ect.

    Well the other day, I go out to feed the dogs and here is a huge pile of eggs siting in the corner. About 14 of them. Ah ha, I said, so thats where to putting them now. I was going to pick them up and add them to the dogs food as we usually do with extras, but I didn't. Later that night, I went back out and the eggs were gone. Or so I thought. Turns out she was sitting on them and her dark body blended in with the surroundings. Every time since I have went out to look, she is on them but they were in the dirt so today I sorta shewed her off, removed the eggs being careful not to turn them over and made a nice soft nest with some straw and replaced the eggs. Shes back on them. Heres my question. Is the Roo gonna attack these little guys when they are born? Should I place her in a separate pen with her chicks once they hatch and if is, for how long?

    I am in the process of build a fantastic concrete floor coop that the flock I bought a few weeks ago will go into here shortly. Should I relocate her to that coop but isolate her from the rest in a smaller pen?

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