Now that the "girls" are laying eggs. What should they be eating?

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    Jan 11, 2011
    Labor Day weekend the girls starting laying eggs!!! Yeah!! I'm wondering what would be a good addition to their diet, they have free range during the day and have their pick of what they eat. They have access to their food and water. I give them a variety of vegetables and fruit, should they have more specific foods? So far their eggs are perfect, [​IMG] ! a little on the small side but I know they will get bigger. I just want to give them proper nutrition to stay healthy and to keep them laying eggs!
    Thanks for the help!

    I love the color of their eggs, my Easter Egger lays the prettiest blue/green eggs and my two Buff Orpington lay skin colored eggs, its the highlight of my day to see those pretty eggs in their nest box!![​IMG]
  2. Quote:There's nothing much better than those first eggs! The different colors are an added bonus!

    I think content chickens lay best. Free range and food variety=contented chickens (IMHO).

    Just be sure the chicken feed you use is a layer feed. Also you may want to offer oyster shell.

    Oh,and don't forget to post pics of your eggs. [​IMG]

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