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    This past year I had problems with a neighbor. Needless to say the animal problem didn't start till years later because of land use issues other then chickens and animals but yard waist. My neighbor first filed a report with county sheriffs department that my turkey flew over two fences, walked through 20 feet of thick brush and then jumped on his mustang and scratched the hood. Only to find its way back into the coop even with chicken wire draped over the top because of birds of prey. Days later my turkey was found with a broken neck. Following that my rooster was found dead with a broken neck days after he threatened to kill him. Cameras where installed and the county was called. The issues brought to light were Odor, noise and the right to own them but what was found instead was the Odor was his septic field not working properly. This only made matters worse for us because he had done major landscaping with no permit. So with the threat of loosing my animals I sat with my wife and read the county codes and zoning laws. One acre or more is allowed to own chickens and animals as long as the housing is kept 100 feet away from the dwelling. Not property line but dwelling. There was no ban on roosters and being in a farming area most of the county board were farmers. They also new that adult turkeys can't fly. This was a huge win. Next my wife is out there everyday with the birds, we use the pine shavings and waist for fill, roses, gardens, and more. The compost pile by the health department is only allowed to be 5'x5'x5'. If we didn't read that then that alone could have made us loose our birds. You have to remember just because someone is elected as a board member they don't know all the codes and zoning laws. YOU must now them not for yourself but to help others out and even point out to board members. They do have a lot to do and sometimes chickens don't make the top of the list.

    Here is another interesting fact. Our lawyer pointed out even if the code stated we could not have chickens or the code was a Grey area (example, the code was not updated to the current living conditions of the neighborhood) and you owned the chickens for years that trumps the county codes. One reason is you had them and no one complained. You need to have a complaint within reasonable time for it to be enforced. So if I had let my neighbor use my land for garbage a few years more he still could have.

    One issue was the association stated we couldn't have birds. So we talked to neighbors and the board and found out we don't belong. Our house was built before the sub division and was never added. We also never paid any of the fees for services provided, one reason was mosquito spray. Its poison. Most assumed we did belong and the rules applied but without proof I wouldn't believe them. So not contributing for years helped us out a great deal.

    After many visits by county members, building, zoning, health, water, etc they all stated we smell nothing but his septic and they never heard a bird.

    So take care of your animals, your land, and your buildings. Read your laws and codes. Invite your board members to your property, talk to a lawyer it was free for the consultation, go to a board meeting and meet your officials it was the best thing we did.

    And plant flowers and paint it to look cute, nice, pretty or what ever you want and never argue with them. Let the people who don't like what your doing look like a maniac.

    Remember fences sometimes make great neighbors.

    I hope this helps some of you and best of luck with your Back Yard Chickens.

    Mike and Stacey
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