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**NPIP** 12+ Old Type Heritage RI Red Hatching Eggs - Show Quality**

Discussion in 'Buy Sell Auction - Archives' started by luckypickens, Nov 10, 2011.

  1. luckypickens

    luckypickens Songster

    Aug 20, 2010
    Danville, AR
    For your consideration are 12+ fertile hatching eggs from our NPIP certified flock of heritage RI Red pen. I can get 2 doz in a box and will gladly ship more if you want. **UPDATE** Added 10.28.11 two new roosters from Roy Autry's line to my pen of 12 hens. Will post photos later of the new roosters, but you will LOVE Hoss and Bud! I have confirmed fertility now with them and can't wait for my first hatch from these beautiful roosters. Hoss won Overall Best Of Show at Pope County Fair in Sept and was going to go on to state fair but started to molt. Bud was still to young to show this year but he will be shown next year for sure. Both are just beautiful and should produce some beautiful chicks as well! Paypal to lucky[email protected]

    These are my favorite of all the big breeds and are a beautiful deep dark mahogany red. They are a show strain that has been raised and shown for over 50 years by the George Ryan Family in Arkansas and have won numerous Blue Ribbons and Best of Show at our county and state fair by them and myself. I know if you raise some they will be a winner for you as well. These are the true old type strain that have the pearl with rusty lacing on the legs. The standard now calls for yellow legs but I have never had any judge knock them down yet since they are a true old strain and all the judges just love them. They lay nice size brown eggs and make great fryers or baking hens too! Very sweet gentle birds, we've never had a mean rooster in all the years of raising them. They range really well and are very hardy in the winter too. They are defiantly a year round winner in my flock! We have had great fertility and hatch rate to date as well as the feedback on our shipped eggs.

    All birds on our farm are blood tested Pullorum/Typhoid clean and we are NPIP certified flock #71-0380. We see that our birds are kept happy and healthy by giving them the best feed and TLC daily! Our Heritage RI Reds get to free range while our purebred bantams are kept in individual breeding pens away from predators. We feed a high quality, high protein all natural game bird breeder pellet with vitamins and minerals in the water daily to insure high fertility. We also feed a little scratch grains, Calf Manna and veggie treats from the garden daily. We LOVE spoiling our birds and it shows!

    Chicken raisin' is all we do so I assure you we gather often to keep the eggs from getting to hot or to cold to stay fresh and fertile for you. Our hatching eggs we send out are no more than three days old. They are turned three times a day and stored in a temperature controlled room to assure you the best possible hatch. Eggs are usually fairly clean, but may contain occasional soiling. I do not wash eggs but will brush of excess soiling if present. Washing can contaminate the eggs and may decrease hatch rate. Eggs are wrapped individually in bubble wrap then nestled in shredded paper in large shipping box, clearly marked FRAGILE. I have found if I don't put Hatching Eggs on the box they get treated better also, but will gladly mark them that way if you so want. I've had very good success shipping this way. We have had an excellent hatch rate on our farm ourselves this year as well as with our shipped eggs. However, we cannot guarantee your hatch rate due to circumstances out of our control. Rough postal handling and incubator mishaps will make perfectly fertile eggs not develop or hatch. Purchasing shipped hatching eggs is a risk. Please be understanding and know this when purchasing hatching eggs. When your eggs arrive carefully unwrap them and store them pointy end down at room temperature for 12-24 hours to help the air cell settle from shipping.

    I have Fibromyalgia and can't work. My chickens are my therapy that keep me going, selling a few hatching eggs and chicks helps me buy feed for my little feathered loved ones, THANK YOU for looking!

    Hugs, God Bless and happy hatching from Lucky Pickens Farm!

    Roslyn & Gary Pickens

    NPIP certified flock #71-0380
    AR private P/T tester #P601

    Raisin' critters & havin' a ball in Danville, AR

    NEW Roosters Hoss and Bud's photos later tonight. They are both from Roy Autry's line. Hoss won Overall Best of Show at Pope County fair this year.

    A few of our reds 10.15.11, some of the lighter ones are older hens and are sun bleached. You can see some darker ones and they are the younger pullets I hatched this spring and just added to pen.

    Sept 18th my RI Red Pullet took BOS Standard Pullet at Yell County Fair 2011! I had a cockerel that I was going to show also but my peacock killed it just 3 weeks before the show. He was awesome and I know I had a chance at Overall BOS with him! Oh well just wait till next year!

    Me with all my 2011 fair winnings and my winning RI Red pullet.

    2010 Yell County Fair Overall Open BOS winning Cockerel, he also took BOS Standard Cockerel. He was killed also by the peacock earlier this year. We have since sold all our peacocks since they didn't get along with my reds!




    Just got the below email last night 6.8.11 from a gentleman who bought some of my heritage RI Reds a few weeks ago... I have been having good feedback with the hatch rate but THRILLED to hear he had 100% hatch rate. I have been having 98% on the farm and he even beat me OUTSTANDING!!! He told me he hatched them in a turbo fan hovabator and I have the Genesis hovabators.

    Just wanted to let you know that the 18 LF RIR eggs you shipped me did ok. 6-7-11 I hatched 18 very lively healthy chicks. I have been in the poultry bus. for 42 yrs. I have never even heard of that kind of hatch from shipped eggs.
    Thank you, Jeff
    - bigun78215

    Dear luckypickens,

    11 eggs developing wonderfully....thank you so much...will send pictures when they hatch...thanks again...
    - cscheepsma
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