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    We collect, clean, & turn daily. The eggs are never washed. We only ship Monday-Wednesday to ensure none get stuck over the weekend at the post office. We package very tightly with an assortment of shipping materials, including bubble wrap, poly-fill, peanuts, Styrofoam, shredded newspaper, egg cartons, etc. We do our VERY best to ensure your eggs arrive safely.

    As is usual with shipped eggs, we can offer NO guarantee that the eggs will arrive safely or within the USPS "estimated" time. We have no control over treatment during shipping. We offer no guarantees of any kind, implied or stated, with our hatching eggs. Way too many variables come into play with hatching eggs. We DO offer alternative shipping options to add to the egg's safety, such as :
    USPS Express Mail - price varies
    FedEx 2nd Day - prices varies
    Heat Packs/Ice Packs - $5.00
    Insulated Boxes - $5.00
    Combined Shipping

    Email us BEFORE buying to request any of these changes.

    Our breeding stock is originally from Holderreads' Waterfowl Farm & Preservation Center, but have been removed long enough that they are a separate line (since 2007). We are one of the oldest breeders of Anconas and most lines trace back to us - if not directly from Holderreads'. We selectively breed for multi-colored eggs (white, tinted, and blue/green), medium weight and body type, and evenly-marked individuals. We strive to produce "show quality" birds, even though this breed is not yet recognized by the American Poultry Association. We are members of the Livestock Conservancy who considers these ducks "critically endangered".
    Our birds are raised outside on pasture to allow for nature behavior and increased foraging. In the growing season, very little supplemental feed is needed. Our line is especially adapted to our hot, humid, ever-changing southeastern weather! They lay consistently from Dec./Jan. - Oct/Nov. yearly. The average # of eggs per hen is 210-280.
    We produce all possible colors in our flock, including Lavender, Lilac, Silver, Tri-color, and the more typical Black, Chocolate, and Blue.

    To see the different colors or find out more about them:
    Ancona Duck Colors


    Hatching Eggs - $55/dozen (w/ standard shipping)

    We have ducklings available also, feel free to email us about it or check our website:

    Live Arrival Guarantee for our ducklings!
    Ancona Ducklings Price List - 2016
    Age at Pickup/Shipping

    1-3 Days

    4 Days-4 wks

    5 wks-8wks

    9 wks-15 wks

    16 wks-Adult

    Price of each Duckling





    $30 and up
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