NPIP and ORGANIC 3 hens, 2 frizzle and one EE

Discussion in 'Chicks 1 Day to 8 Weeks Old' started by chefgian, Mar 17, 2012.

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    May 10, 2011
    Stow, OH.
    I am looking to rehome 3 of my hens. I have a black frizzle with a cute tuft of feathers on her head, a buff frizzle who is a great brooder and an easter egger that lays blue/green eggs. All three are about 1 year old and consistent layers. The frizzles are used to being held, but the easter egger is skittish. She is not agressive, but definately not friendly like the other two. I am NPIP certified and have raised them strictly on organic feed and organic only produce. The price is negotiable within reason. Buyer pays shipping + 30.00 for the box in addition to the agreed selling price. If you are local, I am willing to allow pick-up as well. Thanks for looking.

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