NPIP bands fell off my roo's?


9 Years
Jan 27, 2010
Merrimack NH
about 2 weeks ago i noticed that my barred rock rooster's NPIP band was kind of loose so i grabbed him and adjusted the band it just kept jumping around on his leg.

next day he doesn't have it on and i can't find it..

last night i was watching the birds as they're free ranging and my HQ SLW roosters leg band was not clipped and was just about to fall off. of course i can't catch him cause he runs right under the porch, today he doesn't have his band on.

what should i do? should i call them to let them know?

i don't plan on selling these guys the SLW is over 5 years old and the barred rock is a year and a half... we are keeping them to train the new roosters then one of my neighbors for some reason likes the tough meat i believe she called is fowl meat so that's where they're heading come September.


12 Years
Jan 14, 2008
It doesn't matter. What's important is that you have a current test certificate. I hope you realize the testing is only valid for one year. If it has been longer than a year since your bird was tested the band wasn't valid anyway.

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