NPIP certification in California

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    Jul 19, 2011
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    Does anyone know the costs of getting NPIP cerftified in California? I've found information on some Ca poultry board but you have to email some lady to get info, like its so difficult to just have a webpage with the information. I just think its a little weird that its not run through a state agency.
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    Bill Mattos, California Poultry Health Board, 4640 Spyres Way, Suite 4, Modesto 95356.
    Phone: 209/576-6355, FAX: (209)576-6119. Cell: (209)556-755
    Here you go, I live in Ohio and just had my birds tested today. The best advise I can give is to try to have your birds in cages or in the coop. I did this and it went so simple. I had 8 pullets in a large dog kennel, a D'Uccle roo and his EE girl friend in a small dog kennel and my two Spitzenhaubens loose in the coop, they are the easiest for me to catch, other coops were left locked in an one at time brought out tested and released.
    edit: I think your just going to have to call them and ask. I emailed our guy and got a email right back, I had a call from the tester in days, with all information I needed. I paid 35$ got both Pullorum-Typhoid and AI if I didn't do the AI I would have to pay for mileage also. Good Luck
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    NPIP is run thru the State Vets office which is associated with the Land Grant Colleges. This is the normal way that agriculture is taken care of in the States. Whereas, the Agricultural Commissioner of a particular state has more to do with the marketing of agriculture.

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