NPIP Heritage, Rare, Adult/Juvenile Waterfowl in Georgia


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Jun 18, 2009
Atlanta, GA
We are trying to narrow down our farm chores and activities. Therefore, several of our flocks must be sold or at least cut way back. We are not interested in shipping adult birds by USPS. I don't trust them and it's obnoxiously expensive. However, we are open to shipping through any ground transport the buyer can come up with. Ron Keener is a good option. Pick up on farm is the best option. If you are willing to pay for our travel expenses, we might even be able to deliver. Either way, we are willing to work with buyers.

American Geese - 1 Blue Gander (4 yr old) & 1 Lavender Gander (2 yr old) - $75 ea/ $125 for the pair

Adult Ancona Trio: $75
Adult Ancona Pair: $60
2 Adult Ancona Trios: $125

Juvenile Anconas - 3 males (2 black, 1 silver) - $15 ea or $30 for all 3
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May 1, 2013
Do you have any Toulouse Geese, a gander would be best. We need to find a companion for the female on our lake. The gander was killed on Sunday and she is distraught. I am in West Palm Beach, FL.

Cathy C.
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