NPIP Marans Eggs: Blue Birchen, Blue, Blue Copper, Black & Splash

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    Oct 5, 2014
    IMG_4979.JPG IMG_4980.JPG IMG_5411.JPG IMG_5420.JPG Hatching eggs and chicks are available from our quality NPIP flock! We ship eggs to the lower U.S. or offer local pick up at our farm in Central Ohio.

    Our Marans are bred to APA standards for Type, color (for accepted colors), for proposed standards for Blue Copper, and for calm, friendly dispositions. Good natured birds are very important to us! Our Marans roosters are some of the most trustworthy and well mannered males you'll find anywhere. Our hens are very sweet and are good layers too. :)


    --Blue Birchen, Blue and Splash Marans: $3.50/ egg or $42 per dozen plus $18 shipping. Chicks hatched can be all 3 colors.

    --Blue Copper, Black Copper and Splash Marans:
    $3.50/ egg or $42 per dozen plus $18 shipping.

    You can also choose to receive eggs from both groups as available. :)

    We are Ohio NPIP Participants. Our flock is Pullorum-Typhoid clean and Avian Infuenza negative. You will receive a 9-3 form with your eggs.

    Payments through PayPal please.

    Eggs are shipped USPS Priority Mail and will be individually bubble wrapped, cushioned with packing peanuts and double-boxed. Preferred ship days are Wednesdays and Saturdays (I've found that eggs arrive in better condition those days) but I can ship Mondays or Tuesdays if you prefer. Extra eggs are always sent at no extra charge to offset any damaged or broken during transit.

    We check and monitor fertility regularly by hatching often and spot checking fresh eggs by using them for cooking to check for blastoderms. Fertility is excellent in both groups and I pack with care, however, shipped eggs are a big risk due to internal damage that can occur within the postal system. Tumbling through the automated sorting process, temperature changes/ extremes, vibration, altitude changes, and X-rays can damage viable eggs at the cellular level which can prevent them from developing or cause them to quit during incubation. Please understand the risks involved and have realistic expectations for your hatch when buying shipped eggs from any source :)

    For questions or to order, you can:

    Send a PM through BYC

    Or Like us or message on Facebook at:

    Or visit and contact us at our website:

    Thanks for stopping by! :frow
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