NPIP Pilgrim Goose Hatching Eggs

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    Sep 20, 2011
    I have Pilgrim Geese that will begin to lay late Feb. early spring. Eggs are 35.00 for 4 eggs plus shipping.

    I am starting a waiting list for my Royal Palm hatching eggs. This is not a pre-pay. I will put you on the list and when they begin to lay in March I will start to ship.

    This is for 6 eggs at 35.00 plus shipping. I ship to lower 48 states.

    I also have Narragansett under Blue Slate Tom Bourbon Red Hen under a Royal Palm. 35.00 for 6 eggs.

    PM me to let me know what you are wanting. I accept paypal only and will send a PM and an invoice once you come up on the wait list.

    I am a WVDA NPIP #150 Certified Flock
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