Nuclear weapons in my car?

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The perfect example of 'profiling'.

DS and his buddy had my car out last night, a silver Dodge Avenger. Local PD pulls them over for a defective headlight. I should mention that I had the car inspected yesterday morning.
So, DS shows LEO his license and the paperwork on the car. All good. Writes the ticket for the light and as he finishes the ticket, another LEO arrives and then the original LEO says 'One more thing Mr. _____. Do you have any nuclear weapons, drugs, alcohol or concealed weapons in the vehicle?'

Nuclear weapons? Puhleeaze. DS says 'No' and LEO says 'then you wont mind if we take a look' and proceeds to search my vehicle. Gah!!!!!!!

DS arrives home and I check the headlights. They are fine, just like they were at the inspection just a few hours before.

So, because my DS looks a bit 'dark' in his grey pants, black Tshirt and grey hoodie with a skull on it, my car was treated to a thorough search and my checkbook has been treated to a ticket.

The good news is that the LEO found my debit card that has been missing for 2 weeks....


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Yup..they totally stero-typed your kid, because of how he looked... thats a shame.

But i bet they didnt search the little blue eyed/blonde preppy kids car... and they're the ones with the most drugs...
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yep, that's how "they" roll. i used to be one of "them" and we received training which specifically used the "nuclear weapons" bit as a tactic to get people to consent to a search.

if you consent, then you consent. but only naiive sillies would consent. it's amazing how many guns, empty containers and other contraband were found in the weeks following that little training session, all because people consented.


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Remember hearing about a horrible incident... Health Inspector came to check out the restaurant right? One of the things on the list are water testing strips, and the manager had used the last one that morning. So a ticket was written a ticket for the lack of them. Manager got more in, owner dealt with the ticket, life goes on.

Well, couple months down the line the Manager was pulled over. Gave his info and they ran it. And found an outstanding warrant for that ticket... evidently the owner did NOT take care of it. But, the kicker was that the warrant just said "Chemical Strips" so the cops thought they had a drug dealer/maker on their hands. They strip searched him, and his car. Literally cutting the seats to ribbons and even his SHOES. When they finally finished and found nothing and listened to their prisoner, who they had ignored up 'til then, they figured out it was an error but didn't so much as apologize for their stupidity... and yes I think not checking out what Chemical Strips means since you've never seen a ticket for such before ripping someone's car apart falls under stupidity... they just left him stranded there in his skivvies, no shoes and a shredded car.

So... just think... it could be worse. You could be out buying new shoes and upholstery because they feared a nuclear warhead was in the sole of your DH's shoe.

Seriously, what the heck do you think a hometown officer would do if he did come up against a terrorist? Think the guy would calmly let them search? Nooo. Probably just shoot them and drive off. Seems to me this is something that should be handled by trained professionals, that actually know what a bomb looks like... as opposed to just the inner workings of a See and Say... what a waste of officers time and taxpayer dollars... not to mention the added risk if they DID happen to stop one... yikes.

Oh, BTW I would definitely fight that ticket... you have proof that it was in working order... as opposed to the officer who just has his word that it was out... add in that the guy was so paranoid he searched your car for a warhead and he's not going to look that great in court... IF he shows that is.


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So when they shred your shoes and car seats, and find nothing, they aren't responsible for the cost of repairs???????

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The police in my town do that all the time. Because im country the always ask if there are knives or firearms in the truck. They pull me over for my truck being to high or not having covers on the off road lights....stupid random reasons. When they ask if i have a weapon i say yes sir a pocket knife in my right front pocket and if it is hunting season a rifle or a bow in the gun rack in the back window. I anwser all questions honestly with my hands on the steering wheal. They always hastle(sp) me for no reason. It is legal to have a firearm in as long as it is not conceled(sp) which it is not. How ever if they ask to search my truck i say no because they do not have any reason too.


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Did your son get out of the vehicle in the presence of the officer and check the headlights? Even if he didn't, what the cop did was illegal. I would call the police chief and lodge a formal complaint. I would fight that ticket with everything I had and I'd even accuse the cop of profiling. It certainly sounds like that is exactly what he did.

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