Nursing a 5 week chick

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  1. I have been struggling with how to help one of our bantam babies who showed splay legs in her 4th week when her growth finally impacted her legs. I did not catch the slight wobbling early on. After a week of searching and googling and posting, someone here replied back to an email I sent them about helping an older splayed leg. They were able to get improvements in the 5 week old they hobbled! So I follwed their plan and will do this for 2-3 weeks in hope that she improves just enough to be able to get around enough.

    My question is, when nursing a chick that has limited movement, how often do they need to be hand fed etc? I have her alone with her BFF. So she is safe and has company. Perhaps she will get around better as she adapts to the hobbles, but right now she is not moving much and ends up in odd positions. I just put it on an hour ago.

    Any advice from experienced Florence Nightingales?

    This sweet little girl is the best patient. She just lays there when I work with her, even upside down.[​IMG]
  2. I just wanted to report after tireless efforts and lots of research to fix this later stage spraddle, it did not work. I thought I would post this for those curious about luck with later stage cases. I hope others will report if they HAVE luck.

    We loved her, and she slept in the houe at night and had a pen with a pal under a shade maple during the day, took her for a week vacation at the lake and she took many trips in the car with us. So she had a nice little life, but too short. What a sweet little chick.

    My 8 year old daughter was able to say yesterday that it wasn't fair anymore to have her suffer. My precious dad was able to help us end her little life. Poor little child is so broken hearted. We just buried her. I hate seeing my child so sad. [​IMG]

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