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    I'd like to work in a nursing home, what would I need to do training wise? Thanks in advance.
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    Apr 4, 2010
    You need to take the nursing assistant class in your state and sometimes they offer the maybe able to work there before taking your state exam/test before test you are a NAR registered nurse assistant after you pass the test your are a CNA certified nurse assistant.

    You may want to do home health care and you only take a short class which is fundamentals of caregiving for this no exam everyone passes and around here pay is better and not as physical work. The home health care business around here will put you through the class so you can work for them and you have four months to take it so you can be working for them in the meantime....oh and you get paid here when you take the class too here the class is 4 days for 8 hours each day.

    Good luck!

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