Nurture Right 360 - How much water to add?


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Jun 19, 2019
SW Michigan
first time incubating eggs, and doing a batch of 14 quail eggs right now. I’m a little stumped on the adding water instructions. the directions say to “fill first half of the water pot marked A” and then later says “pay much attention when filling water pot A, need to fill slowly and gently to avoid water flowing too quickly”

My issue - how MUCH water do I need to be putting in every day? A tablespoon? Half a cup? It seems like if I fill slowly it just keeps letting me fill and fill and fill and then the humidity doesn’t stay constant. Help!
I agree the instructions could be better, but here is what they mean about filling.

While filling channel A, you want to slowly fill the water so it does not overflow into channel B. They should also include you must fill either channel until you have gone past the channel opening in the fill port.

Now that said, here is what I do.

I fill channel A until the water level comes up to and almost overflows the outside fill port. I find this gives me the most constant and consistent humidity levels as I can adjust humidity down by opening the air port or removing the plug for channel B.

How much water do I add?

well I just fill the port up daily until it reaches completely full again. In my situation it is about a little over an 8th of a cup a day. I find a full gallon of distilled water last me an entire hatch so far. Though this hatch I have overloaded the incubator so I might need more as I am opening it four to five times daily to rotate eggs that are stuck in weird spots along the platen.

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