Nurture Right 360


Feb 4, 2021
Central Texas
I hatched duck eggs the first go around and this thing was wonderful. I had bought a cheaper incubator from eBay and lost all my eggs due to the winter storm here in Texas. The temperature and humidity was never consistent in that thing so I decided to purchase this $150 incubator from tractor supply. Like I said it was wonderful. Temperature stayed steady and so did the humidity – I only had to add water about once a day and that was in the morning. This second go round with my chicken eggs has been awful. The humidity will not stay consistent and I’m not sure about the temperature. I had a terrible hatch rate! 21 eggs and only seven chickens as of now. One more has pipped but we will see in the morning if she makes it.
I'm a big fan of my Nurture Right incubator too but the humidity sensor needed to be recalibrated after the first hatch I used it. Maybe yours had a similar issue. If so, customer support offered to send a replacement sensor.

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