Nutri-Drench compared to Poly-Vi-Sol

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    As of this posting, we have two 3 month old Turkins that are having leg strength issues that I think is being caused by a vitamin deficiency after treating Coccidiosis with Corid since it basically works by blocking vitamin absorption from the protozoa (and chicken). In my research to come up with this "diagnosis" I read lots of BYC threads that lead me to great information and a burning question - Is Nutri-Drench the same as Poly-Vi-Sol? -

    So in case anyone else ever has that same question, I made this thread. Please join in and share what you know!

    THEY ARE NOT IDENTICAL! So, I believe which one you ultimately choose comes down to what your chicken really needs to address what is ailing them. I hope this helps some folks!

    Since Poly-Vi-Sol is designed for human infants and Nutri-Drench is specifically designed for chickens the % of daily value is beyond my knowledge nor do I know how to do the fancy math, etc. to figure that out. So there is a new question - What is Ploy-Vi-Sol % of daily values for a chicken? That's for another thread!

    Being vitamins/minerals/electrolytes for chickens the Nurti-Drench bottle gives you dosage amounts for mixing into water and directly into chicken's mouth.

    Since Poly-Vi-Sol is vitamins for babies, the Poly-Vi-Sol dosage for chickens is a large consensus from BYC folks and other chicken care sites of 1-5 drops, 1-2x a day (depending on severity of condition) directly into chicken's mouth until recovery which can be days to weeks again depending on the severity of the condition. I cannot find an actual answer to a dosage for Poly-Vi-Sol in water on BYC or via Google search. On BYC I find all threads asking about a water dosage have no replies. So it's a mystery, though if you knew the fancy math I believe you could mix it into the drinking water since the human administration can be done directly into mouth or mixed into formula or similar.

    Being specifically formulated for chickens and designed to actually be absorbed instead of digested (so if your chicken isn't eating, they still get the nutrients when you give directly into the mouth) I will personally go to the Nutri-Drench for extra supplement when they are just needing a boost.

    BUT the Poly-Vi-Sol actually HAS some EXTRA vitamins that Nutri-Drench DOES NOT that are often the ones in many chicken VITAMIN DEFICENCIES: B12, B6, and Riboflavin.

    Poly-Vi-Sol also has Vit. C, which chickens actually synthesize themselves except under stressful conditions like illness, heat, etc.

    They BOTH have: Niacin, Thiamin, Vit. A, D, and E. Vit. E is also a common vitamin deficiency.

    Nutri-Drench has two amino acids: Lysine (aides in metabolism) and Methionine (protein building and other functions), Poly-Vi-Sol does not. I have seen those two in other chicken specific supplements.

    Please add to this thread if you have any additional knowledge.
    I would love to know if there is a drinking water dosage for Poly-Vi-Sol?

    The pictures show the nutrients and ingredients for (bottle) Nutri-Drench & (box) Poly-Vi-Sol w/o Iron

    Nutri-Drench.jpg Ploy-Vi-Sol.jpg
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    I'm on the run so I didn't read your entire post, but just adding my 2 cents: Nutridrench works by absorption. You put a drop in the beak and it gets absorbed through the lining of the mouth. You don't have to wait for it to go through the system. I use it more for emergencies with failing/weak chicks or sometimes I put it on wet bread and feed it to chickens when they are stressed.

    I've used polyvisol without iron longer term for sick hens that I am nursing. ( Haha, not that kind of nursing, lol)
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