Nutri-Drench in shipped chicks, day of arrival


Feb 9, 2018
Rather than mixing it into their water (because so much gets wasted due to the constant pooping/mulch spreading into the little drinking perimeter of the container...also I will be already adding a probiotic/electrolyte to their water and I don't want it to be too "strong" so to speak) I want to give my chicks that will be arriving this week a direct dose, which is also what the bottle recommends for "Rapid Response".
Is one drop from the dropper the bottle comes with a good amount for each chick? It suggests 1cc for 3lbs and the whole dropper tube looks like it holds about 2 ccs, maybe 3.
I think a single drop would be plenty. I would not use the dropper cause I would not want to contaminate the contents of the bottle. @Blooie dips a q-tip in the PND and uses t the q-tip to dose them. FYI, electrolytes are not meant to be given on a regular basis. As a matter of fact, when I had shipped chicks last spring, the hatchery rep said NOT to give the lytes at first.

I hang my waterer, and do not have much issue with them contaminating it. You can put probiotic and PND in the water at the same time, but it's important to change the water every 24 hours to prevent bacterial growth.
LOL every 24 hours...I don't think I've ever let the container go that long. But then, my brooders aren't set up for hanging containers as a personal preference (horror story ;) )
I don't use the electrolytes at full strength past the first few days...then it's just 1/4 a teaspoon each day in the waterer a little bit longer. Fortunately the chicks I've purchased from the feed store have done well on it. It may be a good idea to wait a day for them to settle before I add that to the list though. These probably will be the youngest chicks I've recieved.

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